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Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight in Sheffield



About Weight Control

Food is fuel! It gives us the necessary energy (calories) and nutrients we need to grow and live. However, many of us use food as a way of trying to deal with emotions, for example eating when we are unhappy, stressed or bored, but all this does is makes us feel worse. When we eat something sugary, we are given a temporary boost, but this boost very quickly wears off and we return to our previous state, which can make us feel low. We then want more sugary foods to get this boost state again and so the cycle continues.

Quite often people don't eat enough, so their body goes into 'starvation mode', urging them to eat high calorie foods and then turning this into fat immediately, breaking down muscle instead to provide energy. We are not usually aware of why this is happening or indeed that it is happening at all, because these messages are sent from our brain to our body subconsciously.

My clients often tell me they eat NOT because they are hungry, but out of habit, or because they just feel they need to, or simply because it's there.

People often come to me as a last resort. They've tried every diet going and although they quite often lose weight in the short term, when they reach their goal and finish the diet, old habits return and so does the weight. They find they are trapped in yo-yo dieting, fad diets, calorie counting and guilt, hating the way they look and feel and constantly obsessed with food.

Why Lose Weight and Become Healthier?

Losing weight is not only about how we look, but also our health and how our body functions. When we eat healthy food and combine this with moderate excercise, it has many wonderful side effects - our skin glows with health, our hair shines and grows stronger, our nails are healthy, our eyes shine, we store muscle instead of excess fat and our body shape changes due to muscle tone. And that's just what we can see! Our internal organs and body systems also all repair and work much more effectively and we have more energy to do the things we want to do.

Obesity causes 9,000 premature deaths in England every year, and on average reduces life expectancy by 9 years. It's also linked to serious health problems including type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers of the breast, colon and prostate. 99% of obesity is due to overeating.

Our joints are only designed to carry a certain amount of weight and too much over a period of time can put a strain on them causing pain and movement limitation.

Being overweight can make you unfit, unable to walk without getting out of breath, unable to run around with your children, unable to enjoy any kind of physical excercise.

When we achieve the weight loss we desire, we are more confident, more motivated, love the way we look and feel fabulous!

Why choose Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

  • Hypnotherapy tackles your emotional and unconscious reasons for eating, so where diets fail because they only address your food intake, weight loss hypnotherapy succeeds.
  • By having hypnosis to lose weight, you will be able to be in control of your eating habits, enjoying healthy food. This doesn't mean you will never be able to eat another piece of chocolate or cake again! On the contrary, if you want to, you will be perfectly able to choose this from time to time. The difference is, you won't feel you need to and just a small amount will be enough.
  • Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss helps you identify and overcome your obstacles so you can discover a new way of life, reach your goals and maintain a healthier, fitter you.
  • In my Sheffield Hypnotherapy Practice, I teach clients techniques to take with them to be confident, relaxed and achieve lasting weight loss.

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Weight Loss

Timeframe:Usually 4 sessions tailored to your specific circumstances, using some or all of the techniques below

Consultation: identify your emotional reasons for eating and set appropriate goals

Hypnosis: at a deep and lasting level to change and be in control of your eating habits, be confident and replace your desire for unhealthy food with an enjoyment of healthy food

Visualisation: be positive about your future, how you will look and feel and be motivated for excercise

NLP: change thoughts and behaviours concerning food

Self hypnosis: learn self hypnosis to replace emotional triggers for unhealthy eating with new healthy feelings

Homework: food diary to determine/monitor eating habits

Contact Me

If you would like more information on Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Sheffield, or you would like to book an appointment, please contact me.

Holly Wincote Hypnotherapy Sheffield
Tel: 07986 539747
Email: holly@atherapy.co.uk

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