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Hypnotherapy Stress sheffield



About Stress

Stress is The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them.

Pressure can be positive and a motivating factor, helping us to achieve goals and perform better, but stress occurs when this pressure becomes excessive and we perceive the demands are greater than than our ability to cope. When faced with a potentially stressful situation, our mind instructs our body to get ready for 'Fight or Flight' and does this by releasing chemicals into our body. You may have felt your heart and breathing rates increase, your hands sweating or your muscles tensing, perhaps completely focused on the situation and unable to think of anything else - all caused by these chemicals. As brief, occasional occurrences, this is not a bad thing as it allows us to take appropriate action and when the situation has been dealt with, the body recovers to a normal state. However, if we experience stress excessively or for a prolongued amount of time, the body is constantly flooded with chemicals and has no opportunity to recover. This can result in physical and/or mental illness.
Stress can also result from having too few demands, as we can feel undervalued, lack recognition, become bored and feel we have little or no say in what we do and how we do it.

How can you tell if you are suffering from Stress?

There are many signs and symptoms of stress and the common ones are listed below. What one person finds stressful can be perfectly normal to another. The key is to look for a change in how you usually are and if you feel your attitudes or behaviours are changing due to a situation at work or home, these symptoms may indicate stress. It's possible you may experience such symptoms which are not caused by stress and it's always advisable to seek advice from your GP.

Physical and Behavioural:-
muscle tension, butterflies in stomach, dry mouth, nausea, fast breathing, shallow breathing, headaches, other aches and pains, tiredness, sweating, palpitations, blushing, high blood pressure, indigestion, IBS, insomnia, excessive sleeping, twitchy or nervous behaviour, increased smoking, increased alcohol usage, increased caffeine usage, arriving late, taking more time off work,

Emotional and Psychological :-
loneliness, tearful, irritable, unable to make decisions, negative thoughts, withdrawn, forgetful, poor concentration, worrying, angry, low confidence, loss of motivation, mood swings, self-disappointment, confused, frustration, anxiety, depression, loss of sex drive

Why choose Hypnotherapy for Stress?

Stress Hypnotherapy can help us to change what we we perceive as stressful, as well as changing our response to potentially stressful situations, so we no longer experience the stress reaction.
Hypnotherapy for stress works at a subconscious level, so the work is not undone by your conscious mind.
In my Sheffield Hypnotherapy Practice I teach clients techniques to use at home or work to relax in daily life and manage stress effectively.

Hypnotherapy treatment for Stress

Timeframe:Usually 2-4 sessions tailored to your specific circumstances, using some or all of the techniques below

Consultation: determine past and present events which are the source of your stress

Hypnosis: at a deep and lasting level learn to relax, think positively, be confident and change your response to situations which trigger stress

Visualisation : develop alternative strategies for dealing with past, present and future events

NLP : change thoughts and behaviours which contribute to your stress

Self hypnosis : learn self hypnosis to mage stress, reduce stress and prevent stress

Contact Me

If you would like more information on Hypnotherapy for Stress in Sheffield, or you would like to book an appointment, please contact me.

Holly Wincote Hypnotherapy Sheffield
Tel: 07986 539747
Email: holly@atherapy.co.uk

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