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About Insomnia

Adults usually require between 7 - 9 hours sleep each night, while school-age children require an average of 10 hours per night. The occasional night of poor sleep happens to most of us and won't harm our health. However, poor sleep over weeks or months certainly can be harmful and also cause immense frustration, stress and anxiety. About 30% of people in the UK experience the symptoms of insomnia each year.

Other common sleep problems which hypnotherapy can help with include:-

  • sleep apnoea
  • sleepwalking
  • partner snoring
  • nightmares
  • too much sleep

What Happens when you Suffer from Insomnia?

The symptoms differ from person to person and you may find :-

  • you have difficulty getting to sleep
  • you wake in the night and are unable to go back to sleep
  • you wake frequently during the night
  • you feel tired and not refreshed by sleep
  • during the day you fall asleep
  • you are irritable and unable to concentrate due to lack of sleep
  • you have frequent headaches

These also make it potentially dangerous to drive or operate machinery. The effects of insomnia often cause sufferers to become progressively more anxious, leading to relationship and work problems and an inability to function normally on an everyday basis.

What Causes Insomnia?

A common cause of insomnia is stress, which may be due to financial, family, personal or work issues, or a stressful event. People often say they find their mind racing, or they are going over and over things and therefore unable to switch off. Even when a stressful event has passed and been dealt with, some people continue to experience sleep problems as their mind now associates sleep time with activity. The cause may be due to something which happened in the past, which your subconscious mind has not fully resolved, or it could simply be lifestyle or environmental factors, such as eating/drinking habits or too much light, noise, or being disturbed by partner snoring.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy for Insomnia?

  • The key to a good night's sleep is relaxation of the mind and body. Insomnia Hypnotherapy is aimed at giving you complete control over your relaxation so you can really switch off and enjoy a wonderful, full night's sleep.
  • Hypnotherapy for insomnia works at a subconscious level, so the work is not undone by your conscious mind.
  • In my Sheffield Hypnotherapy Practice I teach clients techniques to use easily in daily life to prevent stress effectively.

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Insomnia

Timeframe : usually 1-3 sessions tailored to your specific circumstances, using some or all of the techniques below

Consultation : determine past or present events which are the source of your sleep problems

Hypnosis : at a deep and lasting level so you are in complete control of your relaxation and sleep easily and deeply

Visualisation : resolve past and present events and deal with future situations confidently

NLP : change thoughts and behaviours which contribute to your sleep problems

Self hypnosis : learn self hypnosis to prevent stress and anxiety in everyday situations, so promoting relaxation and sleep

Contact Me

If you would like more information on Hypnotherapy for Insomnia or Hypnotherapy for Sleep Problems Sheffield, or you would like to book an appointment, please contact me.

Holly Wincote Hypnotherapy Sheffield
Tel: 07986 539747
Email: holly@atherapy.co.uk

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