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Hypnotherapy and Regression for Trauma Resolution

CPD Courses

HYPNOTHERAPY CPD COURSES - Age Regression for Trauma Resolution
8 hours CPD

Certificate in Hypnotherapy Regression for Trauma Resolution

Course Title : Certificate in Hypnotherapy Regression for Trauma Resolution (CHRTR)

Fee: £130

Suitable for : Qualified and trainee hypnotherapists, as well as other practitioners who have experience using hypnosis.

Time: 9.00am to 5.30pm

Locations and Dates:

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About the Course

Traumatic experiences can have a huge imapct on a person's life and very often are the cause of issues which clients come to hypnotherapy to resolve. Hypnotherapy for trauma resolution is an analytical approach, which enables clients to work through past traumatic events calmly, in order to move forward out of the past and live effectively in the present.

On this course age regression is utilised as the vehicle for addressing trauma and includes different methods so you can choose which suits your client best. Similarly, there are also a number of techniques included for the resolution process.

The comprehensive one day course day includes demonstrations and exercises to give you the opportunity to practice the methods and techniques taught. A Course Certificate is provided for you as well as Course Manual containing all scripts is for you to begin confidently using Hypnotherapy for Trauma Resolution with your clients immediately.

What the Course Includes

  • What is Trauma?
  • Effects of Trauma
  • Psychobiology of Trauma
  • Philosophy of Trauma & Recovery
  • Assessing Trauma & Posttraumatic Outcomes
  • Psychoeducation
  • Distress Reduction & Affect Regulation
  • Age Regression Methods
  • Components of Trauma Processing
  • Techniques for Emotional Processing & Resolution
  • Identity and Relationships

The Award

On successful completion of the course, you will be awarded the Certificate in Hypnotherapy Regression for Trauma Resolution and the entitlement to use the designating letters CHRTR after your name.

Contact Me

If you would like more information on Hypnotherapy CPD Courses, or you would like to book your place, please contact me.

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