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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking - special offer



Special Offer

This month is STOPtober and I am offering
a third off all Stop Smoking appointments in October.
Was 210.... now 140

To book your appointment, you can
email to holly@atherapy.co.uk
or phone 07986 539747
or contact me here.

About Smoking

Many smokers started a long time ago and it may have been because they saw their parents smoking, to fit in with their friends, because it was not allowed, or just because it felt grown up. Whatever the reason, it's usually no longer important to them and no longer the reason they smoke now. Statistics show about 21% of the UK population are smokers and 70% of them would like to stop. Your body is nicotine free after just 2 days without a cigarette, so why do some people find it difficult to stop ? The answer is that people smoke out of habit, which has been practised and perfected over years of smoking. Clients often tell me they don't even enjoy the majority of cigarettes they smoke in a day, but just do it because they always have done, at certain times, with certain people and in certain places.

What are the Effects of Smoking?

About 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking. Smoking-related deaths are mainly due to cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart disease. Smoking increases the risk of developing a number of other conditions such as poor circulation, impotency, rheumatoid arthritis, premature ageing, infertility, dementia, psoriasis, gum disease, tooth loss and osteoporosis. Smoking also worsens the symptoms in asthma, chest infections, colds, flu, multiple sclerosis and Crohns disease.

Cigarettes contain over 4000 poisonous chemicals (including arsenic) and 50 known carcinogens (cancer causing agents).
The nicotine in cigarettes restricts the oxygen supply to your body, so your heart has to beat faster to compensate. You may have noticed you feel out of breath more easily. Your hair, skin, breath, clothes and home smell unpleasantly of stale smoke - even though you may not be able to smell it, non-smokers can. Your sense of taste and smell are dulled. You may find you have a constant cough or phlegm in your throat. Smoking is expensive - try out the smoking cost calculator below to see just how much you spend.

These are just a few of the effects....I wonder how many more you have noticed ?

Why choose Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking?


  • A study of 72, 000 people showed this to be true, with hypnotherapy being 3 times more effective than nicotine replacement (e.g. gum, patches) and 5 times more effective than willpower. If you know you want to stop smoking, you are more likely to succeed with hypnotherapy
  • By having hypnosis to stop smoking, you will be able to break the habit quickly and for good
  • As soon as you quit smoking, your body starts to repair itself - after just 20 minutes your blood pressure and pulse return to normal, 24 hours your lungs start to clear, 2 days your body is completely nicotine-free, 3 days you can breathe more easily and your energy increases. The longer you remain a non-smoker, the less your risk of developing smoking-related diseases
  • Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking helps you identify your triggers for smoking, then change the way you think and feel about cigarettes and other people smoking
  • In my Sheffield Hypnotherapy Practice, I teach clients techniques to take with them to remain relaxed, confident and stop any cravings
  • I offer Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in 2 formats, either 1 double length session for those who choose to stop smoking immediately, or 3 sessions over 3 weeks for those who would like to stop smoking more gradually
  • I also run Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking Groups - see my Events Page for more details.

Hypnotherapy Treatment to Stop Smoking

Timeframe: Either a single 2 hour session, or 2 separate 1 hour sessions over 2 weeks, depending on your preference. Each session is tailored to your specific circumstances, using some or all of the treatments below

: identify your reasons for smoking and motivation for becoming a non-smoker

Hypnosis: at a deep and lasting level to break the smoking habit and believe you are a natural non-smoker for good

Visualisation : be confident and feel good about being able to remain a non-smoker

NLP : change how you think, feel and behave about cigarettes and other smokers

Self hypnosis : learn self hypnosis and techniques to instantly feel calm and relaxed without cigarettes

Questionnaire : identify your smoking habits - when, where, who with, how you feel, how many

Contact Me

If you would like more information on Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking in Sheffield, or you would like to book an appointment, please contact me.

Holly Wincote Hypnotherapy Sheffield
Tel: 07986 539747
Email: holly@atherapy.co.uk

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