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Children's Issues



About Hypnotherapy for Children

As part of their natural development children are imagining, fantasising and pretending many times a day and you've probably noticed how easily entranced children become by stories, television and dvd. Because of this ability to easily go into a very focused, daydream state, children tend to respond to hypnosis really well. I work with children from age 5 to 17 and sessions may be conducted with the parent or guardian present, although with permission, it is usually preferable without, as children often interact better when they are not looking to their parents to speak or find solutions.

What happens with Hypnosis for Children

Sessions are very informal and made as fun as possible for the child and I usually ask that younger children bring along a favourite toy, which helps them to feel relaxed and comfortable. I begin the session by asking the child about their likes and dislikes and if appropriate what it is they would like me to help them with. I then use this information to ensure the treatment is relevant and enjoyable for the child. The kind of techniques I use can be quite different from those used with adults and might include storytelling, giving hypnosis suggestions while the child is drawing or playing a game or even playing a drum! Older children usually respond well to the same kind of treatment as adults, such as deep relaxation, visualisation and hypnotic suggestions, as they are more able to relax quietly with their eyes closed, for the required amount of time.

What Children's Issues can Hypnotherapy Help Children with?

A wide range of childhood problems can be treated with hypnosis, the most common being :-

  • Bed-wetting
  • Thumb sucking
  • Fear of dentist
  • Exam nerves
  • Insomnia
  • Specific Phobias or Fears
  • Social anxiety or general anxiety

There are many more issues, some of which are listed below, but if your child's specific issue is not listed, please contact me to discuss :-

academic performance, asthma, allergies, concentration, fear of dentist, eating disorders (including anorexia, bulimia), bullying, confidence, obesity, selective eating disorder, encopresis (soiling), exam and test nerves, hair pulling, headaches, hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating), learning disabilities, nail-biting, obesity, overactive or shy bladder, pain, preparation for surgery, sleep problems, sleepwalking, sports performance, relaxation, stuttering, tourette syndrome, tics

Why Choose Hypnotherapy for Your Child?

  • Hypnotherapy for children's issues is completely natural and safe and also perfectly suited to make the most of their inherent ability to daydream and imagine.
  • While in this entranced state, children are relaxed and very open to suggestion, which, with my guidance, enables them to quickly and easily change how they think, feel and behave regarding their specific problem or issue. I also often encourage children to come up with their own solutions as they can be incredibly creative!
  • Hypnosis with children works at a subconscious level, so the work is lasting as it is not criticized or challenged by the child's conscious mind. This also ensures that your child will feel completely at ease with the changes they make.
  • In my Sheffield Hypnotherapy Practice I will also be able to teach your child powerful techniques, so that with your support they are able to take charge of their progress and therefore increase their confidence for their present and future development.

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Children

Timeframe:1 - 6 sessions tailored to your child's specific issue, with some or all of the techniques below

Consultation: talk to you prior to the session so you can give me the details of your child's issue, followed by an informal chat with your child during the session so they can tell me about their likes, dislikes and how they see things

Hypnosis: direct suggestions at a deep and lasting level while absorbed in an interesting activity, or indirectly through the use of stories, aimed at helping your child overcome their specific issue(s); for older children direct suggestions while in a deeply relaxed state

Visualisation: fun and intriguing stories or positive imagination to enable your child to 'see' and 'practice' how they want to think, feel and behave

Self hypnosis: learn self hypnosis to be relaxed and happy and increase confidence

Contact Me

If you would like more information on Hypnotherapy for Children in Sheffield, or you would like to book an appointment, please contact me

Holly Wincote Hypnotherapy Sheffield
Tel: 07986 539747
Email: holly@atherapy.co.uk

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